we protect your marble surfaces from acid attacks

Corrosion stains

  • Some acid descaler fell on the marble in the bathroom. Now there is a whitish spot and the marble lost its polish.
  • Some drops of perfume dropped on the bathroom top and now there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.
  • On the bathroom floor, near to the WC, there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.
  • On my kitchen worktop there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.

Corrosion stains are more evident on polished marble surfaces, because they are mat stains or marks and they damage the esthetical appearance of the surfaces.

The mat stains could be caused by:

  • Acid detergent used for cleaning sanitary fixtures
  • Fruitjuices or drinks
  • Wine
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon

Perfume and acid ph soap
The best solution is the marble worker’s intervention, since he is able, with its equipment, to restore the original polishing.

The presented solution is: MAGIC KIT a patented Kit containing everything needed for polishing again the damaged surface.

Following the instructions it is possibile to restore the original polishing in only a few minutes, eliminating the mat, anti-esthetical stains, without intervention of specialized technicians.

From our tests we can say that it is possible to treat successfully a wide range of marble sorts, even the green ones.
The Kit can be used also on half-polished or brushed finishings.

4 Reasons to choose us


We offer prompt advice with suggestions and solutions after having studied the type of stone and the problem, also using your own photographic evidence, to be able to act more swiftly.


Our products last longer than others on the market and are not diluted for larger profits, thereby guaranteeing a greater treatment area than the competition. Furthermore, our products are simple to use and are not just appreciated by technicians, in that they do not need as many coats as often happens.


We dispatch nationally on the same day as the order, and within 24 hours internationally.

The high yield per litre makes the product cost effective, yet we also offer attractive discounts for volume purchases.