we protect your marble surfaces from acid attacks
Safe Pool Mat

Safe Pool Mat

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This treatment covers the marble surface and prevents any kind of acid substance from causing corrosions, stains and whitening of swimming pools and fountains.

Even if the lifetime of the product changes depending on the use and on the water activity in the swimming pool*, SAFE MARBLE has an excellent duration.

The product is very easy to use and just a one coat application is needed.

It can be removed and be applied again.

*It is well-known that water activity, like spurts, gushes, streams, smooth down the surfaces.
This kind of activities can affect the duration both of the marble and of the applied treatment


  • Resists: Lemon | Acid fruit and juices | Acid shampoos | Wine | Shampoo acidi | Coffee | Acid soft drinks | Oil | Grease | Perfume and limescale
  • Coverage: 1 liter for about 15-20 m2

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Final effect of SAFE MARBLE on mat, brushed, honed surfaces

Safe Marble Video

video acid proof2

4 Reasons to choose us


We offer prompt advice with suggestions and solutions after having studied the type of stone and the problem, also using your own photographic evidence, to be able to act more swiftly.


Our products last longer than others on the market and are not diluted for larger profits, thereby guaranteeing a greater treatment area than the competition. Furthermore, our products are simple to use and are not just appreciated by technicians, in that they do not need as many coats as often happens.


We dispatch nationally on the same day as the order, and within 24 hours internationally.

The high yield per litre makes the product cost effective, yet we also offer attractive discounts for volume purchases.